Primal Integration Weekend Groups

Primal Integration offers a distinctively self-directing environment in which to explore our deeper levels of experience, with a view to being more alive, living more authentically and being more able to connect with others.

The format of the group alternates between a structured phase and a free-form phase during which what takes place is determined by what you choose to explore and what you allow to happen, drawing on resources from within and around you including facilitation and group support for the endeavour.

Booking: Email us via the Contact page or call us on 020 8341 7226 (M-F 9am-9pm) or First timers require an introductory interview before booking.

Weekend Groups take place at the Open Centre in London.

Download our brochures as pdf files:

PIP Jan-Aug 2020

PIP Jul-Dec 2020

Weekend Groups
Friday evening 7-10pm
Sat & Sun 11am-8pm

Sept - Dec 2020
£135 per weekend, if booked by the Friday a week before,
or £155 thereafter

Sept 18-20
Oct 16-18
Nov 13-15
Dec 4-6

Jan - Aug 2021

Jan 15-17
Feb 12-14
Mar 12-14

April 1-4 (Easter) £215/£235

May 14-16
June 18-20